Senate Democrats have worked across the aisle to secure a $2 trillion dollar investment in American workers, have funded a Marshall Plan for hospitals, a small business rescue plan, emergency appropriations and more.

Here is short rundown of the funding package to support America’s workforce during this unprecedented time in our history:

  • Democrats secured a massive $260 billion dollar investment in the Unemployment Insurance program as well as critical reforms to make the program more effective for workers. In the wake of the economic recession caused by the coronavirus the UI program is an essential a long-term lifeline for millions of workers during this crisis.
  • Democrats secured an unprecedented and historic investment for our health care system in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The new $150 billion fund is widely available to all types of hospitals and providers most affected by COVID-19, and it will be available to fund whatever is needed to defeat this virus.
  • Tough new requirements not included in the McConnell bill have been added to government loans lent to companies.
  • The bill includes a $377 billion dollar small business rescue plan and has increased direct payments to working Americans from $600 to $1200 with an additional $500 payment per child. It also provides $150 billion dollars to assist States, Tribes and local governments meet expenses.
  • It also includes an additional $330 billion dollars in emergency appropriations and student loan relief.