Circle of Excellence

Circle of Excellence

About the program

Through the Circle of Excellence, a small, intimate cohort of experienced and aspiring women business owners are guided through the Entrepreneur’s Mindset course, enjoy enrichment sessions and work on strategies to grow their businesses. We’re looking for women from every industry and profession who have made a difference in our community, blazed a trail for the rest of us and are leaving a mark on the Central Valley business community.

Part of the Central Valley Women’s Economic Impact Center, the Circle of Excellence is an invitation-only program that follows a training curriculum tailored to women and diverse populations and offers a different approach to professional development.

Nominate HER

Know someone who would be a good candidate for our next Circle of Excellence cohort? Nominate HER.

We will select a candidate if the business owner:

  1. Demonstrates strong growing commitment to the community through her organization and community services and has achieved professional excellence in her field.
  2. Demonstrates exceptional skills as a role model or mentor of women or girls through advocacy, community service, and leadership?
  3. Will benefit from cohort training of Entrepreneur’s Mindsets Curriculum-Developing them holistically to succeed in business?
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    Provide a thorough and complete description of how the nominee meets or exceeds the characteristics sought for each of the following criterion. Be as specific as possible for each question and please give examples.
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Become a member today and help us create more pathways to prosperity for our community.

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Become a member today and help us create more pathways to prosperity for our community.