The purpose of this conference is to provide a learning experience through our speakers, workshops, and peer-to-peer engagement that will give our participants a new level of ambition and valuable tools they can use immediately!  Understanding and witnessing the power of diversity and inclusion for all at this conference will be a new injection of hope and excitement to take their business to a new level and will create the energy to set new goals, use new strategies, and make better business decisions. Most importantly the education and training that will be given to show how your uniqueness is the key to your success.

Meet Gerry Foster

Gerry Foster Branding, hailed affectionately as the Branding Evangelist, has helped over
100,000 small businesses from over 600 different industries.

Gerry serves service-based entrepreneurs who are:

  • Ready to create a brand consumers will fall in love with, cherish, and value
  • Willing to flip the script, shuffle the deck, and turn the tables in their favor
  • Excited to have a brand so unexpected, so profound, and so striking … success
    can only multiply over time

Gerry wants your light to shine brightly forever! Download his free, popular Stand Out
& Captivate 1-hour video mini-course at and
discover you can attract your ideal clients in 60 Days or Less.

1 day

11 Speakers


Rick Keyes
Jay King
Va Her
Allysunn Walker, MBA, MPH
Rose Pereirra 
Aisha Otori
Pamela Mostert
Paul Brar
Jose Rodriguez
Stacey Woo

Clear and Direct methods to get Access to Capital in 2024

Pamela Mostert

Discover the many Tax Benefits for Small Businesses

Paul Brar

What you need to know about Intellectual Property & Trademarks

Aisha Otori

The Art of Building and Maintaining Excellent Credit

Rose Pereirra

How to raise 1 million dollars for your business

Arthur Moye

Transforming Your Business with Technology

Va Her

Creating Wealth through Multiple Income Streams!

Allysunn Walker, MBA, MPH

Harness the Living Benefits of Insurance for Business Prosperity

Stacey Woo & Jose Rodriguez

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