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About the program

EVOLV3- The Pathway to Purpose is a healing arts program that aims to engage, educate, and empower young adults in the Fresno community through professional development, advocacy, substance abuse education, mentorship, and healing arts to promote self-efficacy. We want to build valuable life skills, provide easier access to community resources, and provide a platform for young adults to advocate for environmental and neighborhood change. At the end of this program, our goal for participants is to see healing arts become an outlet for young adults, increased awareness of substance abuse, develop leadership and professional skills, and knowledge of various community-based resources for self-support.

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Healing Arts

EVOLV3 cohort members will explore healing arts as an outlet to address mental health. This will be done through music, dance, hikes, podcasting, boxing, fashion, and other outlets participants want to divulge.


EVOLV3 ambassadors will lead community civic engagement work. Collectively the cohort will be able to identify advances they want for their community. Throughout this program, a platform will be provided for participants and ambassadors to advocate for those changes.


Cohort members will advance their holistic development through this program by engaging in the topic presented each week. Substance abuse education will also be included in Workforce development components to allow the cohort to build upon their professional skills and resumes.


Members will have access to support services to overcome obstacles and barriers. Joining the EVOLV3 program will expose cohort members to various organizations and businesses as resources to aid them in different phases of life.


Cohort members will gain a sense of community amongst each other through sessions and experience. Members will also have access to all FMBCC amenities: mentors, advisors, events, coworking space, community leaders, and others after and during the duration of the program.


Program Sessions

Sessions are interactive, lecture and workshop based. These sessions are led by the Program Manager or subject matter experts that focus on topics relating to your holistic growth. These topics include but are not limited to the following:

Week 1: Pathway to Mindset
Week 2: Pathway to Enlightenment
Week 3: Pathway to Professionalism
Week 4: Healing Arts Trip
Week 5: Pathway to Financial Awareness
Week 6: Pathway to Creativity
Week 7: Healing Arts Trip
Week 8: Pathway to Elevation
Week 9: Pathway to Legal Literacy

Stand-up Meetings

Cohort members can self-schedule meetings with the Program Manager, Ja’Laysha Brown, to discuss current challenges, and needed resources and where we can align community efforts. When an area of need is outlined, we will connect you to a resource that can best support you at that time. We will also reach out to follow up on the subject and offer further support if needed. Meetings may also be scheduled by the Program Manager to periodically check-in.

Social, Healing Arts, & Networking Events

Cohort members will gather to enjoy a meal and activity with fellow community members, entrepreneurs, and others in Fresno’s ecosystem. Round table talk sessions may be led by peers of the EVOVL3 program. We will also take trips to explore the benefits of healing arts.

Cohort Graduation

In conclusion of the program, we will celebrate cohort members who have successfully engaged with and completed the program. 100% participation is required throughout the nine weeks. If at any time you are unable to attend a session, please let us know 24 hours in advance.

Cohort Trip

At the end of the program, those who have completed with a 100% attendance rate, excluding three excused absences, will have the opportunity to attend a trip planned by the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce and the program manager, Ja’Laysha Brown.

Program Sponsors

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